Seeking Suggestions for Upcoming Beasts

Hi! I hope everyone had a great Friday the 13th. That may seem like a weird thing to wish someone, but before it was dedicated to Jason Voorhees, Friday the 13th was dedicated to Venus and Freya, and it was considered lucky.┬╣ The Venus connection┬á means it was associated with love as well as death. Depending on how you’re feeling about those two things currently, knowing that may ease your anxiety about the date or increase it. Continue reading “Seeking Suggestions for Upcoming Beasts”


Behind the Lion Mask: 3 Sources for “The Lion King”

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Half the fun of movies is talking about them afterwards, whether with family and friends or through online communities. I know I’m a little late to the conversation about Disney’s new remake of The Lion King, but I just had to respond to this surprising angle: criticizing the movie’s portrayal of lions. Continue reading “Behind the Lion Mask: 3 Sources for “The Lion King””