Seeking Suggestions for Upcoming Beasts

Hi! I hope everyone had a great Friday the 13th. That may seem like a weird thing to wish someone, but before it was dedicated to Jason Voorhees, Friday the 13th was dedicated to Venus and Freya, and it was considered lucky.¹ The Venus connection  means it was associated with love as well as death. Depending on how you’re feeling about those two things currently, knowing that may ease your anxiety about the date or increase it.

We are also halfway to October, which means my first Quarterly Bestiary is coming up! I’ve got a topic picked for the first post, but I want to regularly open up a space for readers to submit ideas for future posts. Do you have a favorite mythical creature you’d love to see covered? Is there a little-known beast you’ve heard about and you’d like to learn more? Share your ideas in the comments! I’ve got my own list of gotta-cover creatures, but I’ll gladly add yours, especially if there’s a lot of demand for a particular beast.

Also, if you have ideas of what you’d like the Quarterly Bestiary articles to look like, I’d welcome any feedback. Do you prefer deep dives about the topic creature? Is encyclopedia-style more your taste? I’ll be leaning more towards encyclopedia for the first post because it’s not a well-known beast in the U.S., but I’m open to adjusting the format for future posts.

Looking forward to your thoughts!


1. Cayellin K Castell, “What is Up With the Number 13 and Friday the 13th?” Cayellin K Castell, last modified on September 14, 2019,


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