Sunshine Blogger Award from Anshika and Sakshi

A big thank you to Anshika Shukla and Sakshi Tiwari of The Little Dreamland for nominating me for a Sunshine Blogger Award! This young duo together remind us to “Dream it till it comes true,” each striking their own balance between deep reflection and lighthearted whimsy in their posts. They ask pointed questions and frame their posts with breath-taking artwork. If you haven’t visited their Little Dreamland, please do. It’s place of magic and beauty. Thank you again, Anshika and Sakshi!

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Sunshine Blogger Award


Last month, Kacha from Food.for.Thought nominated me for my first Sunshine Blogger Award! I’m a big fan of the Sunshine Blogger Award, so I was thrilled to receive Kacha’s nomination! If you’re not already a dedicated fan, I highly recommend checking out Kacha’s blog, Continue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award”

New Year’s Update 2020: Quarterly Bestiary, New Feature, and Cats

Hello, 2020! The New Year has arrived. What new projects are you planning? Now, I know you can start new ventures at any time during the year. In fact, I hope you do. But the start of a new year is great for drumming up motivation to renew and change with the calendar. In that spirit, I’ve got a couple of news items! Continue reading “New Year’s Update 2020: Quarterly Bestiary, New Feature, and Cats”

Choosing Grizabella: The Importance of Telling Stories about Older Women

Universal Pictures’ movie version of Cats will soon be released in theaters. I’m a long-time fan of Cats, so you’d think I’d be eagerly awaiting its arrival. However, I find myself anxious instead, wondering how this first true Hollywood adaption will handle my favorite character, Grizabella. Trying to write a critique of a film based on the trailer is as unlikely to succeed as trying to stop a future based on a prophecy, so I’ll hold my review until I’ve seen the film. But while I wait for my chance, I want to share my thoughts on Grizabella, and why I think her role is so important. Continue reading “Choosing Grizabella: The Importance of Telling Stories about Older Women”