July 2021 Updates

Well, I’ve survived my brush with the 2021 heat dome so far. It certainly wasn’t fun. I’m never a big fan of hot temperatures, and I’m among the people who don’t have air conditioning in my house. Yet I’m well aware that what I experienced was only a brush. Many people are still suffering from the extreme temperatures, and summer is far from over. How are conditions at your current location? How are you coping with things?

Since it’s difficult for me to do in-depth research during hot weather, I’ve decided to only aim for one fully developed article a month until the weather cools down. That doesn’t mean I won’t be posting. In fact, I’ve decided to try something new! After I mentioned my distaste for the mini-series based (very badly) on James Gurney’s Dinotopia books, Tiege McCian encouraged me to give it a good thrashing in a review. I’m thinking I’ll give it a shot. Often, I strive for a relatively objective tone, so a chance to write up my unvarnished opinions—both positive and negative—sounds refreshing. I’ll still weave in some mythological content, of course, but it’ll be some lighter fare for me and hopefully for you as well. I’ll give it a couple tries, and you can tell me if it’s worth making a regular feature or not.

More immediately, another Quarterly Bestiary is coming up! The suggestions I got this year seemed to point to a theme of wee folk/little people, and this next topic is one the classics among that category. If you have any suggestions for creatures you’d like to see covered in this feature, please feel free to share them in comments here or on any post. Any beast is game, no matter how obscure or well-known.

I wish I had the power to balance the climate back to moderate for those of you experiencing hardship. I’ll bend my dreams that way, but I know this isn’t something mended by dreams alone. If you’re stopping by looking for distraction, however, I’ll share this ending scene from the 1983 Japanese film Antarctica in case it gives you a sense of cooling and hope. I’ve never seen the entirety of this rare film, but I have loved the gorgeous soundtrack from Vangelis as long as I can remember. Based on true events, this scene shows two researchers in Antarctica reuniting with dogs they thought lost forever.


15 thoughts on “July 2021 Updates

  1. For Chile, we have started winter colder than normal. In Santiago (La Capital) we wake up at (0) degrees. We have a mountain range nearby and its cold reaches us directly. In other Regions normal is (-4). To the south we have the Chilean Antarctic and that is in line with the passage of the Japanese film with the scene of a lost dog. Out of curiosity I will look for it. I have two pets (Yorquis) that I don’t think go that far because of their size. A hug
    Manuel Angel

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  2. Gah, give me any weather but not heat (maybe I take it for granted, living in a tropical country and all). Wishing you all the best during this season, and it must be trying, going through this without air-conditioning.

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  3. Hope you can make it through this heat. I agree, it’s awful. So sorry you don’t have AC. Maybe going out shopping or eating at AC places could help. Definitely take it easy because the heat is no joke! And stay hydrated! Great posts you’ve been doing!!! ❤️

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  4. When can all do with that extra bit of cooling when it’s hot. I can appreciate how difficult it is to produce a meaningful work when it is hot. As such, it is Winter where I am. Amazingly, we have had non stop rain where I am for three weeks now, which is reminiscent of the winters we had when I was a boy. So, it is a long time since we have had stuff fall from the sky this consistently. The plants in the garden are like they are on steroids 😂

    “Antartica” is a lovely story. I do remeber reading about this some time ago. I also watched the Americam remake – “8 Below.” You cannot help but feel very emotional about this story. The Japanese also made a TV series of the story as well.

    As for Vangelis, he is marvellous and his sound track for Antartica is fabulous. I also like his collaborations with Jon Anderson. One of my favourite albums is their “The Friends of Mr Cairo.” One of my all time favourite songs, which is from that album is “I’ll Find My Way Home:”

    I am looling forward to the “Dinotopia” review!

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    1. Ah, rain sounds nice! I’m glad you’re getting some much needed moisture. As I recall, you had some terrible fires earlier in the year, so hopefully the rain is helpful for recovery. Happy plants are also a great mood booster!

      Oh, I didn’t know about the TV series! I’ll have to see if that’s available. I’ve seen “8 Below,” but from what I can tell “Antarctica” is a much rawer but also more beautiful experience. Sadly, it seems to be so rare that anyone who has a copy has motivation to hoard it.

      Thanks for mentioning the Vangelis/Jon Anderson album! I will have to check it out. I haven’t heard much of Vangelis’ work outside of the “Antarctica” soundtrack, but I’m sure it’s spectacular. 😊

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  5. I’m really excited for a decimating piece on the Dinotopia “mega-series” as it was advertised. Lol. I also look forward to more wee folk! If it’s about leprechauns I have some stuff I’d love to share with you!

    It’s hot here too. I burn red as a lobster, but I admit I enjoy getting out when it’s sunny. Air conditioning is a must though.

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    1. They actually advertised it as a “mega-series”? Really, no one should try to predict their fame before their time. 😖

      Hmm, funny you should mention leprechauns. They’re not the main focus of my next topic, but I have been learning some things that make me want to add them to the list…

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      1. Ya, I looked into the series somewhat and Dinotopia comes after a string of successful tv adaptations of classic literature. I guess they assumed they had the Midas touch. Lol!

        I can’t wait to see what you have in store!

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          1. Lol chestnuts! What book is that? That wizard would be very popular at Christmas… also didn’t Loki transform Iðunn into a chestnut when he secreted out of Asgard? Could be handy… So I’ll definitely get back to Dinotopia, I’m just stuck in an state of equal parts overworked and lazy. Lol!

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            1. The story is “Rakiki and the Wizard” in The Book of Enchantments, one of two stories featuring Rakiki, a god who is a blue chipmunk. It’s hilarious!

              Hmm, I do recall Loki getting into a few scrapes involving Iðunn. I’ll have to look for the chestnut one. 🌰😁

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